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  • Company introduction

    Established in 1996, BKS is one of the leading manufacturers of polymer- electronic automotive components in Iran’s market with more than 200 employees. Washer system, Actuators, Micro DC motors, Door handles, and Air ducts are categorized as the main products in this company. As BKS constantly tries to be a trusted partner for automotive manufacturers, long term strategic partnership has successfully established with the two main domestic manufacturers, IK co. and SAIPA.

    By gaining extensive knowledge as well as practical experience besides hiring competent personnel, BKS has obtained highly impressive competencies to satisfy all needs of its customer both in OEM and Aftermarket sections. At the same time, taking advantages of being a family- owned company brings stability and flexibility in its management approach which are of the essence to be successful in the globally fierce competition.

    Experts in BKS can easily understand all the requirements of the products based upon their customers’ point of views and incorporate innovative methods along with forefront technologies to design and develop high quality products with competitive price in which the targeted needs will be addressed in the best way.