Design & product development capacity

Engineering department

Design and Manufacturing capacity in the Engineering Department

  • The capability of Designing molds
  • Injection molds e.g. Regulator Handle for TIBA, Connectors for Peugeot 301 washing system
  • Blow molds e.g. the washer tank and filling pipe for Peugeot 301 washing system, two Dashboard ducts for Peugeot 405, three Dashboard ducts for SAIPA SP100

Design and manufacturing capacity in the Engineering Department

  • As a part of R&D plan, BKS conducted a research project with NIT University to simulate thermoforming in blow molds using ANSYS PolyFlow®
  • Conducted for the first time in Iran
  • Closest in application to T-SIM® software by ACCUFORM®

Design and manufacturing capacity in the Engineering Department

  • The capability of designing production equipment such as
  • A customized welding machine for Engine Air ducts of Peugeot 405
  • Simultaneous punch machine for Air Duct for PRIDE
  • Grooving machine of Engine Ducts for Peugeot 405 and
  • Simultaneous Pressing and welding machine of Outdoor Handle for TIBA
  • The capability of designing the testing equipment for main categories of products
  • The capability of designing cutting, cooling and checking fixtures needed in production process
  • All the fixtures used in the production line are designed by engineering dpt

Template workshop

  • Established in 2016
  • 18 air molds and 7 injection molds were made by November 2017.
  • 5 pneumatic molds and 3 injection molds are under production.
  • All molds are maintained in the workshop.
  • Includes the following machines and facilities:
  • 450 kg 3D CNC
  • Grinding machine
  • 63 A Spark
  • Radial drilling machine
  • 1.5 meter lathe
  • Examples of templates designed and manufactured in BKS:
  • Source of expansion and filling pipe for Peugeot 301 glass washing system
  • Dashboard air duct for Renault Sandero (B90)
  • Console channel for Runna plus (program to replace Peugeot 206 SD)
  • Peugeot 207 Dashboard Channel
  • Tiba adjusting knob

Some of the Fixtures Designed and Manufactured in BKSco