Behin Keyfiat Shomal Co (Private Equity)

Designer and manufacturer of automotive polymer-metal collections

      • An OEM company active in Iran’s Auto industry for about 20 years
      • Focused on producing Polymeric products
      • Family owned business
      • Total plant area of 21,000 m2 and 5,200 m2 covered area
      • Total staff of 150
      • Known as an Engineering based company with these key


    • Capability of designing products
    • Capability of designing and manufacturing related equipment (molds, fixtures, testers and machines in cases) required for production
    • Long time expertise in Plastic Blow Molding and Injection technologies


1996Founded by M.T Nezhadgholi
Stablished as an inspection company for Iranian Auto makers
2000Started cooperation with SAIPA as an OEM company
2006Stablished new 1500 sq m plant
Developed cooperation with SAIPA through new products
2009Started cooperation with IKCO
2012Survival considering major internal (sudden passing away of the founder and CEO) and external crisis (leap growth of inflation and exchange rate)
Taken over by new management team
2013Diversifying customers to after market with an incremental but sustainable growth rate
2014Leap growth in sales to IKCO
Starting cooperation with Crouse company, a leading OEM in Auto industry
2015established mold department and utilized the first designed and manufactured mold by BKS
2016Increasing plant size to 5200 sq m focused on increasing production and storage are
2017Setting up the production line for all domestic auto models of washer pumps used in Iran OEM market
Assessed and chosen by IKAP as the trusted supplier for Peugeot 301 washing system
Nominated as the supplier for Citroen C3 washing system

How we think about our business?

Focused on polymer products and utilizing its experience and knowledge in designing parts in auto industry, Behin Keyfiat Shomal Co seeks to be known as the business partner of domestic auto makers in design and supply of washing systems at the end of 2020 and aims to shape partnerships with foreign OEMs to consolidate domestic markets and develop foreign ones.

This company aims to achieve annual sustainable growth rate of 20% in the next three years through commitment to place all its products among first 3 quality products in the market by innovating in new products and enhancing in current ones.

Committed to its social responsibility of creating more and more job opportunities, all initiatives in the company underline satisfying the benefits of stakeholders together with the customer

Key Technologies

  • Production technologies:
  • Blow Molding
  • Injection
  • Plastic Welding
  • Production and test equipment design and manufacturing technologies
  • Expertise in mechanical design and CNC programming by CATIA® (CAD and CAM modules)
  • Expertise in plastic injection Molding simulation by MOLDFLOW®
  • Familiar with plastic blow molding simulation by ANSYS PolyFlow®

Quality Certifications

ISO/ TS 16949: 2009
EN ISO 9001: 2008+ Grade of Sazeh Gostar SAIPA
B Grade of Bahman Moto

Partnership With Key Customers

  • Groups of products Door handles include inner, outer and glass lifting handle
  • Groups of goods Glass containers for containers
  • Groups of goods expansion springs
  • Groups of goods Channels
  • Other polymer-metal products in the automotive industry
  • Polymer products in the agricultural industry such as tray
  • Polymer products in the medical industry, such as medical waste bins
  • The most known and most importer of motorcycle pump used in automotive production lines in the past 14 years

Productive groups

Groups of products channels

  • Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner, Prey Cooler (GTX and X100)
  •  Peugeot 405 and Pars air duct collection
  •   Peugeot 206 air channel collection
  • Mazda Pickup Pickup
  •  Peugeot 40 engine chamber compartment assembly

Groups of products tanks

  • Pride glass jar set (injector and inside fender)
  • Tiba Glass Tank Set
  • Peugeot 405 and Peugeot Pars Glass Tank Set
  • Peugeot 206 glass turbine tanks
  • Mazda Vans Glass Tank Set
  • Nissan Vans Glass Tank Set
  • The source of expansion (excess water source) Pride
  • Tiba expansion tank (water extraction)
  • Pride, Motors, Tiba, Nissan Vans, Mazda Pickup, Peugeot 405, Peugeot Pars and Samand

Groups of products Handles

  • Exterior door handle
  • Door front door knob (X100 and GTX)
  • Pride glass jib handle (X100 and GTX)
  • Exterior door handle Tiba door
  • Tiba door handle
  • Door Handle Door Sina
  • Mazda pickup glass lifting handle

Other automotive products

  • Tray under Pride battery
  • Pride battery pack set
  • Gear Peugeot 405, Peugeot Pars and Samand
  • Peugeot 405, Peugeot Pars and Samand
  • Captain Delco Mazda Pickup
  • Mazda pickup sensor base
  • ECU Mazda pickup bracket
  • Dashboard Mazda Pickup
  • Nissan battery retainer hook
  • Front fender front Mazda pickup

Future plans

  • To develop the capability of product design in washing systems and its components
  • To achieve the competency of designing and manufacturing all internally required plastic molds except some decorative injection ones
  • To expand the business network through shaping robust partnership with foreign well known auto brands
  • To develop our business through backward and forward integration strategy into raw material and auto after market parts